Director / Individual

You have lots of decisions to make as a director. Some of these choices relate to your accounts. Are you confident your decisions are accurate? Do you have the time and knowledge to make these important decisions? You may not understand everything that needs to be done regarding your accounts. It is important to keep thorough records of sales and purchases so you can accurately report to HM Revenue and Customs. Even if you are not the one to carry out all these tasks, you are the one to decide who does. These financial tasks may take lots of time and effort and you need time to focus on other pressing matters, your decisions can make or break your business. Why not maximise the time available to make the decisions that matter to your business while having us manage your finances?

Are you an individual, not a director, who earns additional income or has liabilities that have to be reported and paid to HM Revenue and Customs? Their regulations are complex and as such are easy to get wrong without the requisite knowledge. Ask us to manage your accounting so you are confident your reporting is correct!

Account management is very important to HM Revenue and Customs. There are many requirements set by them. We know how to meet their requirements so you can focus on other things you value in your life.

There are many reasons to choose Kady Accounting. We strive to build a strong long-term relationship with you where you feel heard and your needs are met. We have an excellent reputation in our community for providing top-notch accountancy and bookkeeping. We are available to answer any questions you may have so you are confident in your decisions.

Contact Kady Accounting for a FREE consultation. There are no sign-up fees if you choose us to manage your finances. We look forward to meeting you!

Steve Cousins - Brahms Electric Vehicles

We've been with them for quite a while and they do all of our payrolls and find things that we've lost, which is the most important side of things.

Andrew Briggs - Brahms Electric Vehicles Ltd

I like working with Karen because she's helpful, friendly and very tolerant

Simon Langham - Unumbox Ltd

They are available when we need them, so we can pick up the phone and ask them any questions pretty quickly.